Coaching Program

One of the most powerful biological systems that exist is our ability to heal.

Are you tired of hearing the same scary stories about AS?

Have you looked online for support and been terrified from all the negativity you find?

We felt that way too, so after improving our health we united forces to make a positive difference for you.

We built AS Freedom so that you can spend less time feeling victimized and confused, and more time creating a better life.

We are a very unique, successful and supportive community dedicated to helping you reclaim your life from pain.

AS Freedom will introduce you to life-changing information, resources and guidance unlike anything you have found before.

Despite having an AS diagnosis it is possible:

Many people have achieved amazingly better lives, so we know great improvement is possible for you too.

Can you answer “Yes!” to the following statements?

If so, then you may be a good fit for our empowering community!

Your immune system can eradicate bacteria and viral infections within hours.

Your biggest bone, the femur, can heal from a break in just 6 weeks.

So what has kept your AS symptoms alive for years?

The answer will both surprise and empower you.

This is an 8 session science-backed framework loaded with the information we wish we would have had as soon as we were diagnosed.

And you can have it now.

In this one-on-one course you will learn keys to success that can greatly decrease pain and resolve many issues relating to life with AS.

You will begin managing your pain and controlling your symptoms on a whole new level.

After successful completion of this program you will have:

Coaching Modules

AS Freedom coaching is not counseling or therapy, although it can work perfectly in tandem with both.

Module 1 – Defeating Our Common Fears!

An AS diagnosis is scary, and universally there are specific fears we face as a result. You have probably thought:

  • What will the progression of this disease be like for me?

  • How will a life with AS continue to impact my family?

  • What will my social life, love life and future work opportunities be?

  • Will I be this way forever?

We begin by addressing these fears and we dispel the common myths related to the progression of AS symptoms. 

You gain a whole new concept of what your future can look like and we introduce you to a community of friends and mentors who are living examples of AS Freedom. 

 Together, we begin taking the steps necessary for your success.

Module 2 – Science Empowers Us!

Science continues to make new discoveries that empower us as individuals to manage our health. 

Breakthrough science now tells us we have the ability to re-balance our immune system. 

With this knowledge we can direct a scary prognosis in a very different and healthier direction than previously thought.

Module 3 – Your Body is Not Broken!

Let’s repeat that: Your body is NOT permanently broken! 

Our immune system is directly connected and influenced by a Natural Law that is occurring every moment of every day. 

We have powerful influence over this Natural Law, and we begin to use this to our best healing potential.

Module 4 – You Deserve to Be Healthy!

Not many people realize how self-image and self-worth directly impact our nervous system and our immune system. 

In this module we learn proven methods that not only enhance our immune system to decrease our pain, but also increase our self-worth so we feel even better! 

Module 5 – Standing on the shoulders of Giants!

We apply insightful lessons from those who have gone before us – thousands of documented cases of people who have reclaimed their lives from disease. 

Within these success stories are many common themes we draw upon for your success.

Module 6 – You Are in the Driver’s Seat!

Specific changes in our brain create specific changes to the chemistry of our body. 

With this understanding you will ignite empowered pathways in your brain that decrease pain and increase healing hormones in the body. 

This creates more freedom from pain and better immune function.

Module 7 – You Get to Be Right!

Mental certainty is an evolutionary necessity in the brain that directly influences our immune system. 

Specific certainties in your brain have literally stopped your immune system from naturally correcting itself. 

We continue to discover what these certainties are for you, and how to break through them to create success.

Module 8 – You ARE Healthy!

At this point you will now understand the five-step process that originally directed your body into a state of disease, and how these same steps reversed have lead you into better health. 

With this knowledge you are able to self-monitor your progress, and a focus is put on incorporating this information into your work and personal life.

Your Coach

  • Lived with AS for years so intimately understands your situation.

  • Reclaimed their life from AS in a healthy and inspirational way.

  • Continuously studies the science of healing and personal mentorship in order to serve you best.

  •  Enjoys helping you and is passionate about your success

  • Strongly employs and lives by the values on this AS Freedom website.


  • Sessions are 90 minutes long and participants interact by audio call or video call.

  • After each session you receive a 5 minute summary from your coach of the key points that are most applicable to your recovery from pain.

  • We love cooperation and collaboration! – Beyond our own AS Freedom coaching network we enjoy collaborating with other types of specialists in order to best serve our clients.

It is important for us to connect on the phone and make sure we are all a good fit for each other – so let’s quickly talk!

This call is free.