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United by experience and driven by passion we have come together to serve you.

Sky Denton

Founder of AS Freedom

Sky Denton grew up a talented mountain athlete in Jackson Hole Wyoming, one of the biggest hubs for adventure sports in North America.

The pain and suffering from AS began when he was 24 years old.

Within a year of developing symptoms, he was forced to stop pursuing his favorite activities due to pain. By the second year he had to quit his job as an adventure guide because of shooting sciatic pain and chronic pain in his hips. The pain became so debilitating that he was ultimately unable to guide his clients safely. By the third year he had completely lost the ability to live the active life he had always loved and identified with.

By the fourth year of suffering Sky was consistently losing the ability to walk and also to drive a car. The disease impacted his entire spine from his low back up to his head, his ribs, both feet, both ankles, left knee and was reaching into other parts of his body as well. He had painful auto-immune related skin issues on every finger, his head and even his face, along with digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

Once the mysterious cause of his pain was finally diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sky was horrified. He soon traveled long distances to meet the best AS specialists he could in the USA. They all said he would have to take medications for the rest of his life, managing a tragic life-long and degenerative disease.

Sky and his family did everything they could to learn more about what could be done to help ease Sky’s pain.

Countless hours combing the internet for alternative avenues of hope and information lead to alternative doctors, dietitians, naturopaths, homeopaths, Ayurvedic practitioners and even a biochemist with a personal line of supplements. Sky was determined to find a solution that would help him reclaim his life.

All but his closest family relationships fell away. His caring and beautiful girlfriend became his main supporter and advocate for his health. When Sky was beaten down by pain and angry at his poor situation, she was there supporting him and promoting his personal growth every day. Despite Sky’s failing body they both knew there had to be a way back to health.

Sky simply refused to accept the two obvious extremes: living in hell, or killing himself.

Eventually Sky discovered a health coach named Peter Winslow who had a very positive message for people with AS. Sky began working in-person with Peter and this became the turning point in Sky’s life.

Sky quickly began to understand health and wellness in a whole new way. His body began to respond and his symptoms began to improve. In time he was off his medications and able to once again live an active and joyous life!

The journey from deep illness to good health was the most satisfying and empowering experience Sky has ever had, and this experience has given him a deep level of compassion for people with AS.

Sky built AS Freedom because he has deep compassion for people with AS. He also knows we all have the potential to live a better and less painful life when we have access to beneficial people, guidance and information.

Sky has been grateful to coach and support others while they create lives of AS Freedom.

Every member of our team is a compassionate and educated leader in this unique field of health.

Peter Winslow

“Peter Winslow’s extensive knowledge, experience and dedication helped me out of chronic pain more than anything else.” – Sky

When Sky was crippled with pain and desperate for help, Peter’s personal one-on-one coaching opened Sky up to a completely new understanding of his health. Time with Peter lead Sky to his liberation from constant pain and suffering.

Peter has been improving the lives of people in pain for over 15 years. He is the founder of the AS Victors Association and author of several books for people with AS.

You can contact Peter at: Peter@asvictors.com

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Peter Winslow

I combine formal schooling with extensive training in conventional western sciences, eastern philosophies, behavior modification, personal training, meditation, mindfulness and other disciplines.
However, I believe that experience is the best teacher, and I learned what I teach by putting it to work in my own life.
For ten years I suffered with depression, addiction and chronic degenerative disease. Bi-polarism, alcohol and substance abuse, behavioral addictions and a severe case of Ankylosing Spondylitis hammered me for the better part of a decade before I made the decision to change my life, or die trying.

These are conditions for which modern medicine has no answer. Yet through my own personal will and unwavering persistence I out-maneuvered, outgrew and overturned the “incurable” illnesses and addictions I had suffered with for so long. I am completely free of them for 28 years now, and I’ve never suffered a relapse.

I then created and developed a system (The Winslow Method™ Self-Healing System) that has helped many hundreds of people from all walks of life gain tremendous rewards and consistent results in their quest for relief and remission. I mentor these people to share their talents with the world in useful and gainful ways, and I devote my time, talents, and resources to their success.

I want you to succeed too. I know you can do it, because I know true success is already within you. Like everyone, you just need the proper guidance and support to bring it out. My life purpose is to give you that unique advantage in your quest for the best.

Education and Credentials:

  • Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH) with distinction in Behavior Modification
  • Certifications in Psychoneuroimmunology, Ortho-Bionomy, Exercise Physiology, Medical Hypnotherapy, Myotherapy, Polarity, and Nutritional Sciences
  • Master’s Equivalent in Holistic Nutrition
  • Lecturer, teacher, award-winning author, retreat facilitator, and public speaker

Ralph Ruiz

Ralph Ruiz was one of the first positive resources Sky discovered after his AS diagnosis. “I remember the feeling when I first saw Ralph on the internet, and that feeling was finally optimism.” – Sky

Ralph has made a remarkable transition from a life of pain and illness to a life of freedom and success, and many people live much happier and less painful lives because of him.

Ralph’s personality, sense of humor and successful approach to coaching make him a great member of our AS Freedom Team.

Ralph is the founder of Ralphitness.com, which has resources to help people in chronic pain.

Learn more about what Ralph can do for you!

Ralph Ruiz

During his personal journey to wellness, Ralph was able to gain vast amounts of experiential knowledge as he reversed the chronic symptoms of pain he was in for nearly ten years.

As he reclaimed his life from AS pain, Ralph discovered the key to creating much better health and a remarkably less painful life.

He was also able to heal naturally from other obstacles that once kept him stuck in a never-ending loop of anxiety, suffering, depression, anger, frustration, and pain.

After years of coaching and personal development, Ralph is now a Master Life Coach and Master Hypnotist. He specializes in teaching individuals with chronic pain how to transform their lives through proven methods.

Science tells us that more than 90% of human behavior is due to unconscious drives, and Ralph believes the key to true lasting health is to uncover, eliminate and replace the unconscious drives that are not health-promoting.

Ralph focuses on uncovering and eliminating these unconscious and hurtful belief systems that are stealing the health from millions of people around the world.

What started out as a desire to reclaim his own life from painful disease has now turned into a worldwide movement. Ralph’s dedication to social media and video production has given him an extensive reach into the lives of many people throughout of the world.

Today thousands of people with AS continue to benefit from Ralph’s powerful coaching programs and his life-transforming messages for those in pain.

Ralph dedicates his life to sharing the abundance of wisdom and life-changing knowledge he has learned through his own personal experiences and education, and he specifically tailors this information to his clients so that they may achieve similar success.

Baruch Cholow

“Baruch Cholow is a gentle and compassionate man who suffered from AS for many years and has done an amazing job at reclaiming his life from pain.” – Sky

A clinical psychologist by trade, Baruch initially began turning his symptoms around with the help of Peter Winslow and Sky Denton.

Since then Baruch has achieved more and more success in his own life and in coaching others into less pain. Baruch has definitely dedicated himself to helping our global AS Family.

Baruch’s kind approach to coaching combined with his previous skill set of counseling people in pain make Baruch a great addition to our AS Freedom Team.

You can contact Baruch at: Baruch@ASFreedom.com

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Baruch Cholow

Baruch has 14 years working as a licensed clinical psychologist and has worked with many different types of people from all over the world. He is also experienced in working with larger organizations.

In his practice, Baruch uses numerous helpful tools such as mindfulness, biofeedback, hypnosis and psychotherapy to facilitate his clients’ success in making profound changes in their lives

Baruch has gently guided his clients as they heal from emotional wounds, past traumas and other issues so they can become happier and healthier. He has also supported and facilitated their progress as they move into lives with much less physical and emotional pain.

Baruch’s own experience reclaiming his life from AS symptoms has also given him an extremely valuable experience from which to share and base his teachings. Baruch knows that within you is an innate ability to break free from constant pain, and it is his desire and passion for you to live a better life!

Jodie D’Onofrio

“Jodie D’Onofrio is a caring and grounded member of our team who is compassionate towards women in pain” – Sky

Initially mentored by both Ralph and Peter, Jodie has made a huge turnaround to physical pain, autoimmune skin problems and female reproductive concerns, and since then has dedicated herself to personal development in order to help others.

Jodie is passionate about helping people change their lives, because she knows what it’s like to be bedridden from pain.

Jodie’s fun personality, inspiring experience and genuine care make her a wonderful addition to our AS Freedom Team.

You can contact Jodie at Jodie@ASFreedom.com

Michael Eisner

Michael Eisner followed Sky on social media before deciding to get help from Peter Winslow for his 26 years of living with AS symptoms.

As Peter Winslow and Michael worked together they created a fantastic improvement in Michael’s health and it inspired him to create and host the Ankylosing Spondylitis – Natural Health Podcast – which we love. This podcast interviews people who are in the process or have already reclaimed their lives from AS pain.

“Michael has now become an integral part of our positive community and has done an excellent job creating a life of success and much less pain.” – Sky

Michaels dedication, curious mind and strong personality make him an excellent addition to our AS Freedom Team and we are happy he is here.

Michael can be reached at Michael@ASFreedom.com

Learn more about Michael’s 26 years with AS pain

Michael Eisner

I was raised in a loving middle class home. When I was a year old I was infected with Salmonella and I was also allergic to the antibodies which fight that bacteria off. This infection sent me into a deep fever and all my joints became inflamed. I spent days in the hospital because of this, and doctors told my parents I would be susceptible to arthritis because of this infection.

Ankylosing Spondylitis symptoms started when I was 11 years old and came in the form of powerful sharp pains in my hip. The pain would come and go, sometimes lingering for months.

I didn’t behave well in school. Failing every grade regular detentions and visits to the Principle’s office were normal for me. At 14 years old I began using strong recreational drugs and alcohol.

At 18 I was diagnosed with AS. It was a relief to finally know this pain had a name and other people had it too, although I remember also being angry when I was told the pain would be permanent.

AS slowly intensified over the years and I did my best to stay active and not let the pain get me down too much. It was hard though because whenever I thought I had momentum moving in the right direction the pain would come back and knock me down. I would then cycle into months and months of intense sciatic, back, neck or chest pain. Does this sound familiar to you?

I worked an array of minimum wage jobs and got fired from at least half of them. A lot of these jobs required me to be physical, and much of the time I was barely able to carry anything, and I looked awkward because I would hold and move my body in just the right way to avoid the most pain. It was a huge struggle just to finish the day at work. Sometimes I went home early, and sometimes I simply could not go to work. I definitely was lacking self-confidence and self-worth.  

Finally I found something I enjoyed and began taking acting classes in school, although I still had a really hard time behaving in school. My teachers at the acting school asked me to leave multiple times, but I refused to leave because acting was the best thing I had found in a long time.

My drug and alcohol abuse continued. I feel now that the most damaging part of my drug abuse was the shame and guilt I felt about my behavior as result of it. My body also took a beating. The combination of drugs, alcohol and medications for pain left me with consistent blood in my stool. I was way underweight, had deep depression, anxiety, paranoia, hopelessness and a lot of pain with very little mobility.

Finally I decided I needed to clean my life up and my 28th birthday was the last time I did drugs. Shortly after this I fully committed to healing my life naturally. I cleaned up my diet and began exercising.

I experimented with dozens of special diets and lifestyle changes that were all designed to reduce inflammation and I became obsessed with this for about 8 years. I tried everything under the sun including sun-gazing itself!

The pain would recede for a little while and then come back hard and I was unsatisfied with how things were going.

I began getting more serious about finding ways to help myself, and that’s when I found Sky, Peter and Ralph. I realize now, that it was my job to learn more about the condition, and that is exactly what Sky, Peter and Ralph helped me do.

AS pain has still come and gone, but the pain has become less and less over time. I now eat whatever I want and am back to a healthy weight!

If you are reading this it is likely because you are looking for answers too. You are asking questions like,      “How do I get out of this shit?”

I thought I was worthless and bound to a life of suffering. I know now this simply isn’t true

I have come a long way and I am passionate about supporting and helping people like you. I know you can have a better future, because I am living proof there is a way to a less painful life!

Lynn Thompson

“Lynn has made amazing progress over the time I have known her, and I am always interested to hear what she has been up to with her life!” – Sky Denton

Lynn’s thirst for knowledge is something to be admired. In the years that Sky has known Lynn she has always been learning and always growing. Personal development is extremely beneficial for people with AS and Lynn is a great example of success in many areas. Lynn is a strong member of our team, and we are happy to have her on board.

Lynn is currently conducting research on drug-free remission from auto-immune diseases, and she has also created a Pinterest page filled with healing resources and inspiration.

Follow her on Pinterest @ Bodies that Heal. 

Learn more about Lynn here!

Lynn Thompson was told that one car accident, followed by another, were the triggers for the pain in her neck, lower back and sciatic areas.

She wondered why any little mishap would lead to chronic pain. As the years went by, she received a new diagnosis for a variety of symptoms each time she visited a doctor. She realized there had to be some underlying condition causing this inflammation in her body.

Finally, when she was bed-ridden without a precipitating injury, she was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, psoriasis, Sjogren’s syndrome and IBS.

This was thirty years after her symptoms began!

After trying functional medicine, Paleo and starch-free diets, supplements and more, she turned a major corner when she started learning from the AS Freedom coaches and the acclaimed Dr. Joe Dispenza.

She learned to focus on her health in a positive and new way, and this approach allowed her to return to outdoor activities and to enjoy more of what life had to offer.

She began to laugh more, love more, and she even changed the way she looked at pain.

Now she spends as much time as possible hiking, camping, paddling and practicing yoga with her husband and grandchildren.

Lynn is currently using her passion and expertise as a gift to us all, researching long-term remission of autoimmune disease. Her goal is to provide hope and inspiration through solid research on documented cases of drug-free remission.

She has a Masters of Science in Social Work and worked as a psychotherapist for 10 years using cognitive behavioral and psycho-educational approaches in individual, couple and group therapy.

As an expert on violence against women and children, she edited and wrote sections of numerous books, wrote amicus curiae statements for cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, and was frequently interviewed on national talk shows and by the U.S. and international news media.

Lauren Parker

“Lauren’s experience with chronic pain and disease, followed by her great achievements into creating a dramatically better life for herself is an inspiration to me and many others.” – Sky Denton

To begin creating this success, Lauren became aware that in order to move in a healthy direction she needed to have a healthy mindset.

For Lauren to adapt a healthy mindset despite her excruciating pain shows a tremendous amount of strength and determination to achieve a better life. Her success was a product of the proper mindset in combination with great guidance from the right people.

Lauren is the owner and head coach at ShapeYourReality.

You can also follow her on Facebook.

Learn more about Lauren’s experience!

Just before Lauren moved from Western Australia to New York City at age 19 she experienced extreme swelling in her left ankle. After 7 months abroad she moved back to Western Australian where her inflammatory and arthritic condition accelerated quickly.

The swelling was no longer confined to the ankle, but it was reaching into other parts of her body as well. Her left knee, lower back, wrist, fingers, collarbone, jaw and both of her legs all became symptomatic

At the same time Fibromyalgia symptoms appeared, which made wearing clothes and physical contact, such as a hug, unbearably painful.

Lauren tried a number of different avenues to help minimize the pain. She took medications and received all the help she could from rheumatologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths and osteopaths.

She was still searching for answers, and it wasn’t until she received guidance from Ralph Ruiz did life truly begin to get better for Lauren.

From there Lauren was able to put her painful conditions into remission, enjoy a healthy body, and move forward into better and happier days.

Lauren is now trained in the principles required to achieve less pain, and she is passionate about assisting others to create similar successes in their lives.

Lauren now helps people with a wide range of autoimmune conditions, eating disorders and anxiety.

Lauren is the founder of Shape Your Reality, which is an empowerment coaching business. Her focus is aimed at growing the inner power we all share so we can create and shape our lives in a meaningful way and reach the goals we desire.