Our Roots Run Deep

We have compassion for you because we know what it’s like to suffer from pain.

The bedrock of AS Freedom is helping people free themselves from pain and inflammation.

You have felt this pain.

We have too.

AS Freedom is thriving because people like you who have been diagnosed with AS become bombarded with messages of negativity, victimhood and hopelessness.

All of us at AS Freedom have experienced this in our own lives also.

Decades of pain, anger, fear, depression, loneliness, fatigue and confusion fueled us to continue our search for answers.

After years of being victimized we found a path that improved our health and decreased our pain.

With consistency we realized that our health and quality of life quickly improved more and more.

When our health improved we knew it was time to unite forces for the betterment of people just like you, as well as the rest of our global AS family.


We learned we were never powerless over this disease.

Neither are you. 

The pain of AS is something few people can understand.

If you are in pain we empathize with you, and we are offering you a helping hand into a better life.

AS symptoms can drastically lessen when the appropriate steps are taken, and we have built a system to help you do this.

We are a community rooted deeply in your liberation from constant pain.

If you are ready to take control we have answers that can change your life.