About US

We built AS Freedom so that you spend less time feeling victimized and confused, and more time creating a better life.

Our Vision

AS Freedom sees a world where you are nearly free from your Ankylosing Spondylitis pain.

Supported, empowered and educated by our coaches, you have achieved AS Freedom and are moving forward living the amazing life you are meant to live!

Our Mission

We take specific and meaningful action to assist you in creating a life with less pain from AS.

Using proven methods, tools and techniques, we see our clients live better and less painful lives.

Our Core Values


AS Freedom coaches are a supportive and empowering community.

  We are here because we know how powerful a community like this can be for you.

We work with like-minded and like-hearted people who possess a strong desire to live a less painful life.


At AS Freedom we invest in ourselves so that we can invest in our clients.

We believe it is of paramount importance that AS Freedom coaches are regularly pursuing their own growth.

We believe in staying on top of the most modern information that can help you.

We attend and participate in educational conferences, and surround ourselves with people who assist us in our mission of helping you achieve less pain!


AS Freedom coaches live fulfilling lives, and we want the same for you

After years of living in pain ourselves, we find great fulfillment in helping you achieve less pain in your life.

Our fulfillment comes from your enhanced physical health and increasing happiness!


AS Freedom coaching is positive.

AS Freedom coaches are positive for good reason.

The newest scientific breakthroughs have substantially improved what the future of AS victims can be and this is something to celebrate!

AS Freedom coaching offers you an empowered, progressive and positive approach to your health. Our clients love it, and so do we!


AS Freedom coaches are inspired.

After reclaiming our own lives from AS pain, we are extremely inspired because we know that a better life is possible for you too!

This truth inspires us to work hard so that you can have a better, less painful and more inspired life!

There is a path to less pain.